Scrutinizing a Successful SMS Markting Campaign

“With SMS marketing growing popularity, it is expected to increase by 52% by 2023, transferring a volume of 3.7 trillion messages.” (Source: MessageMedia)  

Since SMS incepted 20 years ago, SMS technology has progressed quite a lot, and now, the world is dominated by quick texts to relay information in different forms as SMS allows simple and concise information transfer from sender to receiver. 

“In USA, 97% of adults own a type of cell phone, while only 93% use the internet.” (Source: MessageMedia)

“Over 90% of SMS messages are read within three minutes of receipt.” (Source: VoiceSage) 

SMS messages engage about three to seven times higher than emails, while lead generation and product orders by SMS messages are almost six times higher than email campaigns. 

By collecting data through SMS tracking tools, you can monitor the number of sent SMS, click rate, and sales. For a successful SMS campaign, prioritize your budget and time-sensitive transfers to reach better and save more capital while running the campaign.

How to Run a Successful SMS Campaign?

Here is a detailed guide on how to increase customer engagement and run a successful SMS campaign for your brand: 

1. Notify your customer of upcoming or running sale 

Sales and discount events ensue an optimum opportunity to run an SMS campaign to engage better.

2. Holiday or Upcoming Festive Promo Alert

Everybody enjoys a good and relaxing holiday, and to ruin the fun of such a day will prove disengagement with the customer.

3. Use of an image to add versatility to SMS 

Images shed new light on the boring text format, and it helps to upscale customer engagement.

4. Prioritize Returning Customers

New customers are crucial for the growth of any company but initiating registration of a new customer requires more capital than retaining and catering to a returning customer.


By adhering to the above methods of creating an SMS campaign, brands can utilize the strength of SMS text messaging to initiate better lead generation, customer interaction, and better reach in time-sensitive scenarios. 

NexG’s unmatched SMS technology ensures seamless SMS campaigns, real-time actionable reports, bulk SMS volume, secure 2-way compliant conversations and flexible SMS integration.

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