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Send customizable scheduled emails to improve customer engagement, campaign performance, and ROI

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Email Marketing

Upscale your email marketing with optimized delivery

Transfer emails seamlessly with nexG's flexible email API, easy-to-use dashboard, dedicated IPs and smart delivery optimization. Segment your customer base through delivery and performance metrics, bounced emails, or invalid email addresses.

Real Time Analytics

Integrate real-time analytics to scale exponentially

Measure and build email campaigns with expert data insights, precisely targeted messages, and innovative rich content.

Protect brand reputation

Protect brand reputation and increase brand reach

Validate and improve email delivery via sender authentication to reach customer inboxes without getting filtered out by user filters, spam, or recognized suspicious IP addresses.

Design and Personalize Emails with Proficient
nexG's Email Service

Template Library

Email Editor and Template

With the built-in editor, customize emails for segmented audiences and enhance customer engagement with testing, editing, and deploying eye-catching templates, or you can create one yourself with available UI presets.

Efficient Coding Tools

Spam Prevention

Improve brand reputation to prevent spam inclusion by analyzing email elements for malicious content, segregation from phishers and fraudsters, and data privacy issues.

AI Language Models

Manage Contacts

Acquire and maintain customer lists with real-time personalized information using custom fields. Businesses can filter contact lists by selecting multi-variate criteria or a singular criteria.

NLP Models

Personal Dashboard

Analyze your email campaign performance with critical metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, forwarding rate, conversion rate and unsubscribe rate.

Trigger Email Communication for Any Business Via
nexG's Email API

Wholesome Integration

Wholesome Integration

Start building your email program with supporting APIs and multiple programming languages like PHP, Python, JavaScript, and more.

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White Labelling


Acquire a custom brand domain and IP address to build a performance-centric email campaign for high ROI.

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Advanced Analytics and Reports

Advanced Analytics and Reports

Get access to quality feedback and real-time tracking insights such as email logs, abuse complaints, domain authority, and current spending speed.

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Reduced Operational Cost

Reduced Operational Cost

Control and track your money expenditure without compromising campaign efficacy by monitoring the current email template and customer engagement.

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Establish Quick Integration with Different Apps and Online
Platforms to Provide Scalable Solutions

Business Transactions

Send precise and updated alerts of successful or failed transactions with automated services of nexG.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Organize customer interactions with the helpdesk dashboard to convert your conversations into tickets.


Enhance your brand reach and customer experience to improve sales with easy e-commerce integration.

Automated Marketing

Automated Marketing

Transfer automated personalized messages, and target-specific information, and analyze campaign performance via connected marketing tools integration.

Schedule Events

Schedule Events

Help your clients schedule messages with categories such as type of event, date, occasion, time of delivery, and many more events.

Frequently Asked Questions

An email service provider (ESP) is a company that provides email marketing and delivery services to businesses. At nexG Platforms, we offer an ESP service that allows businesses to send marketing emails to their subscribers, track email performance, and manage email lists. Our ESP service comes with advanced features such as segmentation, automation, and analytics to help businesses create effective email campaigns.

No, businesses should not use personal email accounts for email marketing. Personal email accounts may not have the necessary features and security measures required for email marketing, and using them can result in emails being marked as spam. At nexG Platforms, we recommend using our ESP service or a professional email marketing tool to send marketing emails.

Email automation is the use of software to automate the process of sending emails to customers based on predefined triggers and actions. At nexG Platforms, our ESP service comes with a powerful automation feature that allows businesses to create complex workflows and automate their email marketing campaigns. With our automation feature, businesses can save time and improve engagement by providing personalized and timely communication to customers

Yes, our ESP service comes with advanced analytics and reporting features that allow businesses to track the performance of their marketing emails. Businesses can track metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates to measure the effectiveness of their email campaigns. At nexG Platforms, we provide detailed reports and insights to help businesses optimize their email marketing strategies.