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Capture attention in the messaging inbox with RCS Business Messaging

Connect with your audience seamlessly through marketing, commerce, and support, utilizing immersive media, distinctive branding, trustworthy verification badges, and interactive conversational experiences.

Trusted by Leading Brands

Capture customer attention with improved brand visibility

Increase conversions with interactive messaging experience

Skyrocket customer satisfaction with instant support

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other channels
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Consumers prefer to engage
with a brand via RCS
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RCS subscribers
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Higher open rate
than email
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Unmatched capabilities to drive seamless 2-way rich conversations

Business Transactions
Universal RCS

Reach users beyond Android devices & deliver RCS like experience on iPhones

Business Transactions
Agent Assist

Offer uninterrupted support with seamless transfer from bots to live agents

Business Transactions
Launch campaigns across carriers

Create RCS agents, run campaigns and manage payments with ease across all carriers

Business Transactions

Track campaign level metrics and get insights into conversations

Business Transactions
Unmatched Reach

Leverage SMS fallback to elevate experience without compromising on reach

Business Transactions
Timely & relevant messages

Promote without falling under spam by sending expected, timely, & relevant messages with auto-capping capability

Take Customer Engagement to the Next Level With RCS

Verified Sender

Displays authenticated brand and company details within a message, reassuring the user that their communication with this account is secure.

Rich Content

RCS enables rich content features such as images, media carousels, CTA buttons, GIFs, live audio, and video.


Enhance audience engagement with live chats, chatbot support, and calls, ensuring the personal support they need.


Engage your audience when relevant to them and boost your conversion and click-through rates.

Guaranteed Delivery guarantees the delivery of RCS messages with a fallback to SMS text messages.

RCS Business Messages - Meant for every industry

Promote products, showcase new launches, drive purchases and offer post-purchase support – order tracking, cancellation, returns etc. – all within one interface

Upsell and cross-sell financial products, send alerts, updates and secure OTPs, collect EMIs and payments – in short, offer end-to-end banking over messaging

Provide travel updates, booking details and last-minute needs such as boarding pass. Make reservations seamless with a virtual concierge and 24/7 travel recommendations.

Roll out promotional offers, send payment reminders, enable recharge over chat and provide real-time customer support via virtual and live agents

Schedule appointments, send reminders, renew plans, share test results and educational information through videos and newsletters

Frequently Asked Questions

Rich Communication Services (RCS) offer enhanced multimedia features and a richer user experience compared to traditional SMS.
RCS is a protocol that upgrades SMS capabilities, while WhatsApp is a messaging application that supports various multimedia formats and is owned by Facebook.
Initially, RCS was primarily associated with Android phones, but it is gradually becoming available on other platforms as well.

You can get access to RCS with the help of a service provider like NexG. This functionality depends on the device, carrier support, and the messaging app being used, with some devices and carriers offering native RCS support.