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Integration of nexG's SMS API in Extramarks' Communication System to Improve User Engagement and Experience

Extramarks Education is a leading education technology company that provides online and offline schooling and curricula. The company’s mission is to revolutionize the education system by using technology to make learning more engaging, accessible, and effective. To achieve this, Extramarks uses a variety of tools and technologies, including nexG’s SMS API, which has helped the company scale its operations.


Communication System


Extramarks Education was facing a problem with its communication system. The company had to send out a large number of notifications and alerts to students, parents, and teachers, but their existing communication channels were not efficient enough. Emails were often ignored, and phone calls were not always answered. This created a communication gap between the company and its users.



Extramarks decided to integrate nexG’s SMS API into its communication system. With the help of nexG, Extramarks was able to send SMS notifications and alerts to its users, ensuring that they received the information in a timely and efficient manner. nexG’s SMS API allowed Extramarks to send messages in bulk, reducing the time and effort required to communicate with users.



To implement nexG’s SMS API, Extramarks first had to integrate it into their existing communication system. The process was straight forward and took only a few days to complete. Once the integration was complete, Extramarks began using the SMS API to send notifications and alerts to its users.


The impact of nexG’s SMS API was significant. Extramarks was able to communicate with its users more effectively and efficiently than ever before. With the help of nexG, the company was able to send out notifications and alerts in bulk, saving time and effort. Users also received the information more quickly, which helped them stay informed and up-to-date.

Furthermore, the use of SMS notifications resulted in a higher engagement rate among users. They were more likely to respond to the messages and take action based on the information provided. This helped Extramarks to improve the overall user experience and build a stronger relationship with its users.



The integration of nexG’s SMS API into Extramarks’ communication system was a success. The use of SMS notifications and alerts helped the company to communicate more effectively with its users, resulting in a higher engagement rate and better user experience. By partnering with nexG, Extramarks was able to scale its operations and revolutionize the education system with technology.

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