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Bulk SMS - A Boon for The E-commerce Industry

E-commerce Industry

Today, the economic landscape is ever-changing with the renewal of old marketing traditions such as physical advertisement to digital adverts, newspaper subscriptions to online news articles, and so on. During the initiation of the great change due to the Covid Pandemic, most businesses have proceeded to create their digital presence through an enterprise website and social media. Throughout all the chaos, SMS is still preferred to connect with customers, and even against the test of time, bulk SMS marketing is valid in the post-modern world. 

“About 58% of consumers experts companies to communicate through a text message rather than emails and phone calls.”

What is a Bulk SMS service?

A bulk SMS service is one of the most cost-efficient and proven mobile marketing tools that allows businesses to send promotional or transactional text messages to a large customer base. With Bulk SMS, businesses enhance customer engagement , provides secure A2P communication and brand awareness about new products, promotional alerts, and transactional details of any purchase. 

“80% of customer service will leave other mobile apps for messaging by 2025.” (Source: Gartner)

By integrating SMS marketing into any marketing strategy, businesses find surprising results as SMS doesn’t require much time to read, and they can be scheduled to the customer’s convenience with concise and relevant information.

Bulk SMS for Ecommerce

For Ecommerce, Bulk SMS service has been a key to achieving great ROI and improved customer retention. Within an eCommerce ecosystem, online shopping behaviour determines the success of transactions between a customer and a seller. Trait such as price comparison, product research, competitor climate, and so on evaluates customer needs and a higher probability for businesses to increase customer satisfaction. With Bulk SMS for eCommerce, many retailers have enhanced their revenue streams within a few months of campaign launch due to the:

 1. Timely Order Status 

With well-connected online services, enterprises can segregate and generate accurate order statuses for customers with operational services, such as order tracking, shipment details, out-for-delivery information, etc.

 2. New and Upcoming Arrival Promotion

Large eCommerce businesses, such as Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, and more, send promotional updates to boost sales of the new collection and increase awareness of the upcoming product range.

3. Follow-up, Payment Status and Left Cart Reminders 

The Bulk SMS service helps to follow up with a customer who has abandoned items in the cart and moved on to a new application. A quick text message reminds customers to return to the e-commerce portal and purchase the item. It also provides the prompt Payment Status of the items purchased and in-transit. 

4. Festive Alerts 

    Be it any event, auspicious or festive, via Bulk SMS businesses can send a creative text to promote special discounts on selective collections and even birthday discounts to prioritize customer satisfaction.

Advantage of Bulk SMS for eCommerce by nexG

Connecting instantly with customers via a text message allows businesses to avail appropriate response time for actionable inputs. With Bulk SMS for E-commerce, nexG offers:

1. Efficiency: With creative and automated bulk SMS campaigns, admins have complete control over the operation and spending scheduled messaging to the customer becomes easy. 

2. Time: Save resources and customer time by sending relevant details for customer interaction, and eliminate unnecessary marketing details. 

3. Cost: Compared with other marketing channels, such as customer contact centers or digital advertisements, bulk SMS remains the cheapest yet most dynamic option for marketers. 

4. Security: More than others, SMS has the highest open rate, and it will neither go to junk nor spam as businesses comply with secure and authentic means of communication.

5. Customer Satisfaction and Retention: Increase customer engagement with interactive and custom templates to keep your customers informed and updated.   


Regardless of the unique benefits of Bulk SMS for E-commerce, sending excessive text messages may irritate customers and affect customer satisfaction. Businesses looking to utilize the power of SMS by planning and initiating a relevant and event-based campaign will upscale their eCommerce ecosystem for better results. Keep in mind give customers the possibility to unsubscribe to the SMS service. 

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