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Using the Power of Text Marketing to Grow Your Business

Text Marketing

In 2022, people are constantly tapping into their mobile devices to check information, connect with people, and do faster multi-tasking via applications and the internet. On average, people around the globe spend about 5 hours on their smart devices, which makes it a viable marketing opportunity. To increase brand reach and customer engagement of any product or service, SMS marketing initiates a healthy dialogue in an agile and precise manner.

61% people check their phones within 5 minutes after waking up
interestingly, 74% respondents check their mobile phones about 15 minutes before. (Source: Deloitte)

What is SMS Marketing?

To communicate with customers, businesses send text messages on their phones to promote products or services through SMS. In the marketing stratagem, SMS marketing plays a vital role in increasing revenue by boosting sales and customer communication. It is an opt-out service, so customers can always unsubscribe to SMS for discontinuity of the service. 

“In a survey, 46% of respondents are likely to choose text messaging from the e-commerce/retail industry, followed by 43% in healthcare, 41% in BFSI, and 33% in Tourism and Travel industry.” (Source: SimpleTexting)  

Businesses are seeing great benefits of text marketing with high returns on investment, sales conversions, and higher opt-in, open rate and click-through rates compared to other messaging channels. 


How Text Marketing Helps to Scale?

By implementing SMS marketing into a marketing strategy, enterprises unlock:

1. Explicit Opt-in 

Let customers subscribe to promotional text messaging by creating an optional opt-in field after they fill out the customer field form on the website, email, or social media.

2. Brand Identification

 With SMS, brand recall grows with each text as customers notice brief details better than long paragraphs, creating better brand identification. 

3. Promotions

Send promotional text messages, upcoming collection updates, and special discount information to help customers with exclusive offers and cost-efficient purchases. 

4. Re-targeting Cold Leads 

SMS enables brands to invite back customers who have discontinued using their services. With clear and relevant services, SMS marketing uplifts customer demands to new opportunities for businesses. 

5. Automation

With scheduled SMS campaigns, automate text messages to deliver critical information at customers’ convenience and reach them faster than any other marketing channel. 

6. Multi-media Messages

Reach out to customers with creative messaging templates with photos, coupons, or videos. With MMS, generate interest to enhance customer engagement and sales. 

7. Run SMS based Contests and Voting

Run an effective SMS based Contests and Voting’s for effective & accurate feedback and elections.

Why nexG’s Text Marketing for Your Business?

Integrating nexG’s text messaging gives businesses two advantages: first, brands attract customers who have actively subscribed to this service. Second, messages or campaigns allow seamless delivery to customers. 

“Over 62% of corporate owners and marketers found the fast delivery of text messages is the benefit of texting their audience.” (Source: SimpleTexting)

With personalized and innovative campaigns, text marketing strategy enables:

1. Seamless Communication 

In 2022, trillions of SMS and MMS messages are sent from mobile devices, and it has become an integral part of communication for promotions. 

2. Flexibility with Other Marketing Tools

SMS text marketing service works flawlessly with other services such as audio, video, or images and helps to emphasize messages on other campaigns. 

3. Direct Contact with Prospects

With SMS, brands can contact their prospects and customers directly, which helps to boost engagement as people view text messages even if they don’t open their inboxes. 

4. Actionable Messages

Businesses can develop a good text marketing strategy to allow prospects to act faster or take advantage of sales or special promotions.


SMS marketing delivers high customer engagement and effective sales conversion strategies for businesses around the globe. With speed tracking and automation of SMS campaigns, text marketing proves to be a dominant and efficient tool for marketers. Utilizing the power of text messages builds trust and enhances customer retention. 

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